Names + NFTs = Branding

Start branding your digital assets with tokenized names

What is XDS all about?

Mint an Impartial Ape to own a part of the hosting platform

Want to take part in the Domain Revolution but haven’t heard of MultiversX?

Do not fret! Dinky Linkers are here to debut on Polygon, expanding our NFT ecosystem cross chain!

Roadmap to Success

With our semi complete roadmap, not to let all the secrets out, we believe we are taking the right steps to make a sustainable product that will be around for many years to come.

We aim to really underpromise and overdeliver!

Cognac Drinks


White Paper

How our NFTs will work

Vouchers will be burnable for domains or hold and stake them to earn our token in the future.

Apes will earn holders the right to partake in platform governance, receive part of the distribution of our platform token, and stake them for more tokens!

Stay tuned as more information drops!

Connecting people

Blockchain Domains are internet addresses that are stored on a decentralized network, rather than being controlled by a central authority. They offer users the ability to create and use their own unique internet Domains Names, and provide a secure and censorship-resistant way for people to connect and share information online.

See On-Chain Data

When a user navigates to a blockchain Domain Name, their web browser retrieves data from holders wallet and displays it on the users Domain. This data can include information about the owner of the domain, as well as any transactions or other data that is associated with the domain’s blockchain address.

Tools & Development

Tools and services for blockchain domains are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, making it easier for people with limited technical knowledge to create and manage their own domains. We are confident we can develop the tools MultiversX needs with Domain management.

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Join us for the future of finance!

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