We are building tools to make you the master of your Domain on the blockchain and beyond!

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0% knowledge or experience needed.

Get ready we are changing the workflow for your Website, get your private domain name, and control everything from our A.I. Site Editor to enhance your website skills. Improve your experience and early benefits by MINTING a Dinky Linker or buy an Impartial Ape to get early exclusive testing access (In Discord) and own the only 1 time Full access Memberships by being involved in our soon to be rentable NFTs.






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Claim Creative Names

We are always adding new domain endings to brand projects and Individuals. Want one for yourself or project?

A.I. Website Generator

We will hit Web2 and Blockchain with an easy way for anyone to start a Website or Project. TESTING NOW

Create For Others

Build from the ground up to offer Templates and services to others. Coming soon.

Ready to Move Into the future?

Our NFTs will be the Access and the Sole holders of our Memberships. These NFTs will be used to rent to allow others coming from web2 to have membership to our A.I. and other Blockchain tools. We are the First Name Service to use NFTs as the base of our project on MultiversX soon to be on Polygon and ETH! Between Domains and other NFTs we Currently have about 2500 holders at this time. with us you will rule Names on the Blockchain!

Our Roadmap

(Subject to change)